Printing The Metal Bible In Portugese & Spanish!

There is a big need for printing the Metal Bible in Portugese and also to reprint it in Spanish. Through this campaign you can be a part of making it to a reality! ANY gift will really help and be a big blessing. As soon as enough money is collected we can print in these languages and reach out with the message of Jesus to the huge metal crowd in Brazil, Portugal, Spain and whole Latin America! So if you want to see this to happen now you have the opportunity to be a part of it.

5 000 Spanish Metal Bibles and 5 000 Portugese Metal Bibles will be printed. Total cost for both printings combined will be ca 18233 Euro = 20687 $ = 200 000 SEK.

Thanks VERY much for your support and God bless you all!

Johannes Jonsson & Ulrika “Hulda” Jonsson
Metal Bible International

Below is link to the campaign. Please share it to as many as possible, so we can bring in the money and print as quick as possible!

Any gift would really help.

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