About us

Metal Bible International is an independent organization working with Metal Bible distribution and outreaches all over the world. Our organization number is 802510-5357.

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden, but work internationally. We cooperate with likeminded ministries/organizations like Bible For The Nations, Metal Sanctuary, Sanctuary International, Meltdown and many more.


Back in the day God gave me the vision to put the Metal Bible together. Being a metalhead myself I wanted to show other metalheads that the Bible is a cool, relevant book worth checking out and also that it works fine to love both God and Metal.

I contacted Roul Ã…kesson, the director of Bible For The Nations and together we published the first Metal Bible back in 2005.

Since 2005 over 200 000 copies of the Metal Bible has been printed and it has, so far, been released in 11 languages! Soli Deo Gloria! We are also working with releasing it in more languages so this work has just begun! Over the years more and more national distributors have started to distribute the Metal Bible and since the interest for it has expanded heavily all over the world the need for a central international Metal Bible organization has also come about. That’s why we have started up Metal Bible International (MBI) to be able to administer and organize Metal Bible activities all over the world. We want the Metal Bible and its message to reach out to more metalheads and with this organization we can now do this more effectively. It will also be easier to raise money for specific language editions and to do targeted Metal Bible outreaches at festivals etc.

Metal Bible International is lead by me and my wife Hulda and we are very excited about this and for what GOD will do through this organization the coming years! So if you like to please support us and keep us in your prayers that we will be open for God, so that Metal Bible International will be all God wants it to be.

If you have any questions about the Metal Bible or Metal Bible International feel free to contact johannes@metalbibleinternational.com

In His Service

Johannes Jonsson & Ulrika “Hulda” Jonsson