Metal Bible International is now official!

Finally the new organization Metal Bible International is released! Through this organization we will be able to reach out to many more metalheads with the Metal Bible all over the world!

Being the initiator of the Metal Bible I have worked on this project for over 15 years, with the goal of making the Bible more relevant and appealing to metalheads, so more people will see that the Bible and its message is relevant for us today. It has however not been an own organization… until now. We believe that Metal Bible International (MBI) will be a blessing to many all over the world. Please keep us in your prayers and pray that we will be open for God’s guidance so this organization will be all that He has planned.

Big thanks to God for inspiration and guidance for MBI. Big thanks also to my wife Ulrika “Hulda” Jonsson and Noel “Webmaster” Nyback for good ideas and much practical help in making Metal Bible International a reality.

In His Service
Johannes Jonsson