Metal Bible Outreach at Kivik’s Marknad 2019

Metal Bible International did a Metal Bible Outreach at Kivik’s Marknad, which is the biggest market in Sweden! There are all kinds of booths at the market with everything from fortune tellers to shoes and everything inbetween. There were also all kinds of people there, young and old and also some metalheads.

We got very positive reactions from the people that visited our booth. Many hadn’t heard about the Metal Bible at all before, but thought it was cool and was happy to find it. Best of all was that all the 57 Metal Bibles that were picked up went to persons that absolutely wanted to check it out. Several of them also found the Metal Bible so cool that they wanted to give it away as gift to family members and friends! The best reaction we got was when an Atheist came to us and asked if the Metal Bible would help him? I said yes and then he took the Metal Bible and went. Wow!

We strongly felt that God was using us there to be a light in the darkness. Please pray that God will continue to work in all that took the Metal Bible with them home and use it to speak prophetically into their lives and lead them into a personal relationship with Jesus.